These belts are so comfortable and they keep your pants up!

  • Will fit any body type (yes... that means you!)
  • Unisiex
  • Flat, stretchy and adjustable
  • Available in 1" and 1 3/8" widths and in many colours
  • Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL
  • Nickel-free metal

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What are people saying about these belts?

I absolutely love this belt! It is exactly what they say. It is flat, not visible under a shirt, it is good quality, a nice wide belt, keeps belt loops flat. I'll be getting one in a different color, and one for my husband, too!

"My 95 year old dad and I were vacationing in Hawaii when he realized he had forgotten his belt.  With age, he has lost some weight so he needed his belt.  I bought my Truth Belt a couple of years ago (looked online for flat buckles and found Truth Belt).  I let him try my belt and he just loved it—you can keep it, dad.  It’s the only belt he wears now, so I ordered another...for me!"

"I love this flat belt. The quality is amazing. I was paying a seam tress to take in the waist of all my jeans. I had to wait a week to get it done. Now I don’t have to pay extra money to have my jeans taken in or have to wait to wear my new jeans. This belt is my go to. I wear it almost every day. I plan to order more in different color soon."

"I actually bought 5 of these for Christmas gifts.  Each is different so we can all look cool together! Really love the design and stretchy nature of them. The Vegan is the big hook for me too as we live on a hobby farm where our farm pets are family not food. "